About Us

Who we are


Roger Henderson

Roger Henderson

Roger has been a resident of Boothby for most of the past 70 years. He has worked in education for 50 years and is an author, writer with an active interest in history and the environment. He is a volunteer in a range of community groups in his local Blackwood area.

Alan Strickland


Alan Strickland

Alan has lived in Boothby since 1982 and his work history includes power generation, water treatment and oil-gas production.

Alan is a longstanding and active member of community organisations Renew and Rostrum. Renew promotes renewable energy, energy efficiency and waste management. Rostrum helps personal development by improving verbal communication skills.

Alan sees community consultation as essential to a healthy democracy.

Our values

Positive values are at the center of everything we do at Voices of Boothby. Our members and Kitchen Table Conversation hosts uphold the following values and are committed to:

  • Encouraging a diversity of voices and opinion in the electoral process
  • Ensuring that our electorate voice is heard and represented at a national level
  • Encouraging respectful and mature representation of our democratic voices
  • Undertaking activities which will create an invitation to participate in our democracy
  • Developing and using simple, elegant processes when engaging with the electorate
  • Being honest and respectful, being well informed, and referring to reputable sources when making statements.

These values guide our actions and decisions and ensure that they are transparent and honest.

Last year we held a Webinar to discuss what we do and why. you can watch it below.