Frequently Asked Questions

Is Voices of Boothby a political party?

No. We are not a political party. We are a group of locals seeking to improve democracy so that the citizens of Boothby are better represented by political candidates and elected representatives.

Is Voices of Boothby incorporated?

We are an incorporated association and our Constitution has been registered with SA Consumer and Business Services.

Our objectives and purposes are as follows:

  • To enrich political engagement within the Federal Electorate of Boothby electorate and beyond
  • To build an active democracy based upon civic engagement, respect and ideas, for the electorate of Boothby
  • To develop leadership with vision that represents and delivers for the people of Boothby
  • To support political representation that represents and delivers for the people of Boothby unfettered by agendas not supporting the interests of the people of Boothby

Our membership rules are as stated on our application form.

We rely on donations from ordinary citizens to fund our activities.

Is Voices of Boothby promoting an independent candidate for Boothby?

In two electorates where “Voices” groups have been active – Indi in Victoria and Warringah in New South Wales – community independents have been elected.

Fostering a community independent is just one way Voices of Boothby can be effective. We can also work with elected representatives and political candidates to better represent their community.

As we engage with the Boothby community, through ways such as Kitchen Table Conversations, we will gauge local interest in the best way we can foster political representation.

How is Voices of Boothby related to other Voices groups?

Voices for Indi was the first Voices group, established in 2012. Since then communities in other electorates have formed similar groups, inspired by what the Indi community has achieved. Each of these groups is a separate entity. Whilst we are encouraged by this growing movement for greater participatory democracy, Voices of Boothby is independent of any other Voices group.

How can I become a member of Voices of Boothby?

Membership is open to residents of the Boothby electorate and others who can demonstrate a strong connection to the area. We also ask that you agree to uphold our values when you are involved in Voices of Boothby activities.

To become a member, please complete our application form.

I’m a member of a political party. Can I become a member of Voices of Boothby?

Yes. We welcome everyone who has a strong connection to Boothby and who agrees to uphold our values. To ensure independence in decision making, our constitution does not allow members of political parties to be elected to the Voices of Boothby Committee.

About Kitchen Table Conversations

Why a conversation?

We have found that involving community members in conversations on the issues they care about allows for a greater depth of understanding than other methods, such as surveys.

Will my privacy be respected?

Yes. The information you share at a Kitchen Table Conversation will be recorded anonymously.

I’m sick of politics. So why should I attend a Kitchen Table Conversation?

If you’re sick of the way our political systems work, then you’re not alone. This is the very reason we established Voices of Boothby. We want to create new ways in which all voices in our community can be

This includes your voice. We have designed Kitchen Table Conversations, so that you can share your views in a safe space, where they will be listened to and not dismissed.