Kitchen Table Conversations

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About Kitchen Table Conversations

Kitchen Table Conversations are facilitated discussions where we listen to our community concerns, and hear of the qualities they would like in their political representatives.

At a Kitchen Table Conversation, a trained facilitator steps participants through a series of questions and invite their responses. None of them right or wrong answers, they simply seek your views. 

We’re not looking for participants to agree with other participants. The more different views we hear, the better we’ll understand our community. 

Kitchen Table Conversations are safe and respectful spaces where we encourage honest, open discussion. The only records from the Conversation are some basic data, such as participants age groups and post-code, and a list of unidentified responses to the questions.

*if you are interested in joining one, rather than hosting, simply fill in the form and indicate that.

To host a Kitchen Table Conversation all you need to do is:

Set a date and time

  • Pick a date and time that will suit the people you’d like to invite

Decide on a venue

  • Think of a venue that will best suit the people you’d like to invite
  • This may be a home, a workplace, a quiet café or somewhere else. You could even host the conversation online (e.g., using Zoom). 
  • Ensure the venue is quiet enough for everyone to be easily heard
  • Also ensure the venue is a safe place for people to meet and share their thoughts.

Invite participants

  • Invite up to eight people who are residents of Boothby
  • Participants might be friends, neighbours, family, workmates or people known from community networks
  • If you are inviting people under the age of 18, please obtain written consent (a note or email) from their parent or guardian
  • We can help you with wording for invitations. 

Work with your facilitator

Voices of Boothby will provide a trained facilitator to conduct your Kitchen Table Conversation. They will lead the participants through the discussion and record responses. This will take around 90 minutes. 

After the Kitchen Table Conversation, you may like to invite participants to stay and socialise.  

After your Kitchen Table Conversation, the facilitator will collate the ideas and thoughts from the conversations (without participants names) and forward them to the Voices of Boothby team where they will be compiled with all other conversations throughout the electorate. 

Kitchen Table Conversations are a well-established means of finding out what is important to members of a local community. 

The approach to Kitchen Table Conversations has been developed by the Victorian Women’s Trust and has also been used by Voices for Indi and Voices of Warringah. We acknowledge and thank them for this pioneering work.