Voices of Boothby endorses community independents

Over 2020 and 2021 Voices of Boothby has listened to the people of our electorate, through kitchen table conversations.

We heard loud and clear that the people of Boothby want greater action on climate change, a more gender and socially equitable society and greater transparency and integrity in our political representatives.

Based on what our community has called for we are pleased to endorse two community independent candidates who share our values.

We are excited to announce our support for a community independent for Boothby and we are looking forward to her public announcement soon.

We are also excited to endorse Dr. Heather Holmes-Ross, independent candidate for Waite in the upcoming state election.

Both of these inspiring women share our values and have platforms that have been shaped by what we’ve heard in our Kitchen Table Conversations.

Listening to our community over the past year highlights that constituents expect far more of their political representatives than party-selected candidates realistically can offer.

We’ve seen in the federal electorates of Indi and Warringah that the community benefits from electing an independent who is answerable directly to the community, and not a political party.

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